Simplify your Life with Soup


We all have a go-to meal for when we are too busy, we don’t feel like cooking or to make us feel good. For me, it’s soup. I could eat it every day. I appreciate its versatility. On a 3-week trip to Portugal, I ordered a vegetable soup almost every day and none were similar. Plus, a soup can be as sophisticated or rustic as you want. You will not be proud to serve this roasted tomato, squash and coconut milk bisque to their guests.

One way to simplify your life is to keep a reserve of good homemade soup in my freeze.

A soup is an affordable and easy way to eat tasty, healthy food. I feel even better knowing that it helps me manage my vegetable drawer. I build my recipe from what I already have. If you are busy (we all are), keeping a supply of frozen, portion-sized homemade soups will simplify your life. I appreciate even more my supply of soups now that I have  a toddler. When he is too hungry and that supper is not ready, I serve him a bowl of soup while I continue cooking. His delight comes quickly. I keep my microwave in my kitchen just for these moments.

Early fall, with the wide choice of fresh vegetables, is the ideal time to make soup at home. Take advantage of it. If you do not know where to start, you will find recipes for broths and tasty soups in Vegetable Soups by Deborah Madison (I own it). Often, I simply start with the traditional onions, French shallots, celery, carrots base and build flavours from that. Since I work from home, a break provides me enough time for the prep work. I let the soup simmer as I continue to work. At other times, I start a big pot of soup while I cook dinner.

photo credits: Anjali of Eat Your Greens. Get the recipe on her blog.