Simplest Way to Serve Burrata Cheese

my interpretation of the classic way to eat burrata cheese

Last weekend, my husband bought a pouch of imported Burrata cheese. The real Burrata comes from Italy and naturally, they are the best. To tell you the truth, Burrata tastes even better in Italy since the fresher the Burrata, the best it tastes. You must know that it is a cheese that you must eat quickly. After two weeks, it will be too hard.

burrata cheese pouch :: open in half and plated

I read on CurdNerds that Burrata is essentially unspun mozzarella curds mixed with fresh cream (“burro” is Italian for butter) stuffed into sheets of pulled mozzarella. This little pouch is then wrapped in Asphodelus ramosus leaves, an herb with leaves similar to leeks.

I improvised how to serve it based on a list of ingredients provided by my friend Nathalie Rivard. It is really simple but so so delicious. Remember this if you have friends over that you wish to spoil. The good Burrata is expensive; it costs about $30 a ball in Montreal. It is so good that 4 people, 6 at the maximum, will eat this as an appetizer. Naturally, you could add a big antipasto plate to feed a group of 8 or 10 persons.

Recipe of Burrato with vine tomatoes, olive oil, old balsamic vinegar and basil

In my Sophie Conran’s roasting dish (I like her dinnerware so much), I throw

  • 6-7 small vine tomatoes, cut in 4
  • 2 Kumato tomatoes, cut in 8

It is time to use your good stuff. I drizzled old balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I spread my basil cut in chiffonade (7-8 leaves).

Then, we put half the Burrata on this mixture. We spread a thick layer on country bread slices. Pair it with a red wine for a divine appetizer.

My recipe has a rustic look. If you need an elegant presentation, have a look at how Stuart Spivack plated his home made mozzarella burrata salad.

+ photo: pouch of Burrata by CurdNerds
+ photo: half Burrata on wood tray by John Kenney for Montreal Gazette seen on the blog of Macchi Inc.
+ photo: stu_spivack on Flickr

  • Line Atallah
    October 22, 2009 at 03:57

    Burrata is a very special cheese. I always loved the fact that it has so many textures in one.
    The first time I tried it was at Restaurant Joe Beef in Montreal. When the plate came, I thought the cheese was spoilt or something. It was dripping from the inside, harder on the outside, just so weird! Anyhow, to make a story short, the first bite was heaven! I had it many times since then, in different restaurants, and everytime I have it, it is a big big BIG event. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  • Anna Andersson
    October 22, 2009 at 07:56

    Hi Kim, Very nice article!
    Burrata is a cheese that really brings people together and it seems like everyone that’s had it only wants more! I had my first burrata experience in the region of Puglia in Italy where the burrata originates from, it was about 5 years ago and it was instant love. Last year I was notified by Hivron Turanli at Macchi Inc. that Cafe via Dante was her first client to order it from her so I went there to have it and it was as usual heavenly. I have also had the burrata made in Canada at Joe Beef, witch was delicious but there is a huge difference in taste and you can quickly notice why authenticity is important. Keep up the good work, we are all reading your posts when we find the time. Anna

  • Line Atallah
    October 22, 2009 at 19:35

    Anna, I didn’t know there was Burrata made in Canada! Which company makes that do you know? And also, where can we find it? When I had it at Joe Beef, I recall saying it was made in italy.

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    January 19, 2010 at 14:28

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  • Judy
    April 22, 2011 at 15:35

    It seems very expensive to buy Burata at $30.00 a ball.(even in Canadian dollars) Depaulo’s is New York’s oldest Cheese shop in the city, makes it fresh daily and its amazing. I suggest you have it shipped . Its cheaper then buying it locally in Canada!

    At $7.99 per ball American you can get a few!