Simple Decoration Ideas for your Easter Cupcakes

simple ideas for easter cupcake decorations

If you wish to make cupcakes this Easter, carrot cupcakes are an obvious yet delicious choices. A carrot cake is easy to make. You could topped your cream cheese frosting with grated sweet carrots. But if you look for something more stylish, I suggest sugar decorations shaped as a carrot.

Online, I found the versatile Carrot Shaped Hard Sugars. Measuring 2-inches each, you could use them to decorate your cupcakes. It also serves as sugar for tea and coffee, if you like your hot beverage sweet. Or you can opt for hand-piped carrot cake decorations.

For cupcakes without a rich frosting, opt for Easter stencils and simply sprinkle sugar icing, cacao or decorative sugars on your cupcakes. Nothing can be simpler! But it still adds panache to your cupcakes.

+ Carrots Shaped Edible Hard Sugar Decorations by CakeWorks $3.95 USD for 12 pieces on
+ Carrot Sugar Decorations $7.95 for 32 pieces at King Arthur Flour
+ Easter Cupcake Stencils $5.95 USD at Crate & Barrel