Simpler Croquembouche by Martha Stewart

Martha\'s famous Croquembouche

The croquembouche is a classic French dessert that kept all its appeal. This year, Martha Stewart thought of a way to simplify it for us. Part of difficulties of making your own croquembouche is definitely the assembly of the pyramid of cream puffs. She cut it in half.

A Twist on the Classic Recipe

I would even suggest that you split it further and made four smaller ones instead of two croquembouches. You can use them as you centerpieces on your Christmas table. But it may seem like you are torturing for your guests if they need to wait until dessert. For that reason, you could use transform the recipe into a savory dish. Use a salmon mousse or paté as your filling. As long as you get a sticky glaze to glue the cream puffs together, you should be fine. Do not tell your guests that it is savory until they sit oat the table.

+ photos: Martha’s Famous Croquembouche recipe