Silhouette Stationery and Cufflinks by Le Papier Studio

silhouette stationery by le papier studio

Designer and mom Vana Chupp launched Le Papier Studio in 2008. Her art is influenced by the family life. She captured the innocence of childhood with a unique line of personalized silhouette stationery and artwork.

silhouette party favor stickers by le papier studio

Her personalized silhouette party favor stickers are cute. With a choice of over 40 silhouette models, 10 colors and 14 fonts, the stickers can fit your kid party themes. For a little extra, she can custom made a silhouette based on a photo.

Not just Paper Goods

stainless steel silhouette cufflinks by le papier studio

She recently added two personalized jewelry items to her collection.  Get these stainless steel cufflinks for the proud dad or the newlyweds. Vana personalizes the insert of the cufflinks. She also makes silhouette glass pendant necklaces.

+ Silhouette Party Favor Stickers starts at $14 for 12
+ Stainless Steel Silhouette Cufflinks $48 USD

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