sidetrack | At last, Kimi Raikkonen is World Champion


I have been waiting a long time for this moment. So I have to share this news with you.

I do not follow professional sports except for Formula 1 racing. You can understand my interest since Formula 1 racing represents a luxury life on the fast line and great parties.

The remarkable Kimi Raikkonen is my favorite driver on the circuit. I feel like celebrating right now because Kimi won his first F1 Championship. I like him so much that I switched from being an avid McLaren supporter to become a Ferrari follower.

Kimi has been unlucky at McLaren Mercedes. This year at Ferrari has not been an easy ride either. So he deserved it. Congratulations Kimi! I hope that this is the first of a series.

If you do not follow Formula 1, this article from CNN relates the drama of the last race and how intensive the 2007 season has been.