Shopping at IKEA for the new office

shopping at ikea

With the walls in two tones of blues and the doors painted red, I selected red to be my accent color. Our furniture is beech veneer with a few black pieces.

I went to IKEA tonight to purchase the new IKEA 365+ BRASA pendant lamp in red. I like the shape. I checked the inventory online and they were supposed to have it stock. Unfortunately, there were two black lamps plus one white but no red lamp in sight.

I was glad that I noticed a red KULLA pendant lamp in a dining room setting as I entered the store. I like the fact that the cord and the ceiling attachment were also red. Moreover, KULLA has a plate covering the globe. Since we will walk under the pendant, hiding the globe is a tempting feature. KULLA will do.

I stocked a few red storage boxes, 5 light blue eating bowls and red small SALONG vases to decorate a black and beech Expedit bookcase that we already have. I plan to make a row of light blue bowls and a row of red vases.

I also bought 3 red RINGUM rugs for the entrance hall. It will be like the 3 points of etcetera. I will show you the end results once we settled down in the new office.

+ KULLA pendant lamp – $99 CAD
+ IKEA 365+ BRASA pendant lamp – medium $49.99, large $69.99
+ KASSETT Magazine file – $4.99 CAD
+ KASSETT Box for paper with lid – $11.99 CAD for 2
+ RINGUM rug – $9.99 CAD