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Seduced By The Fashionable Hues of the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS

canon powershot sd1100 is in brown

Like many women bloggers, I carry a small camera on my night handbag.

The Facts

You need at least a better than average small point-and-shoot camera to take decent pictures. The only purpose of the phone camera is to send a picture to Facebook right away or to photograph people for your address book.

My smaller camera was outdated. Last year, I bought a small digital movie camera, the Sanyo CG6 to make videos. I thought I could use my small movie camera to take pictures but it produces washed off pictures. It is fair to say that I was due for a new sleek and thin digital camera.

How To Select The Right Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera?

I did some researches on the Internet and talked to people about my needs.Have a clear idea of what, when and where you expect to photograph. Taking pictures of food at a restaurant plus being able to photograph people at events summarize my needs.

White balance adjustment and image stabilization were very important since I often use my camera in a low light environment. A cool color camera was a huge plus.

I purchased the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. I was leaning towards the pink hue. But when I saw how rich the camera looks in bohemian brown, I changed my mind. My brown camera is more stylish in real life. I am proud that my tiny camera matches my personal brand.

What I Think So Far?

I did some tests this morning inside the house and outside on a shady terrace. The picture colors were beautiful. They matched well what I see in real life.

I really do not understand why companies still bother to put a 32M memory card in the box. It is a waste of materials since a 32-meg card is totally useless. This practice goes against the eco-friendly movement. Get a fast SD memory card since a faster memory card produces better results for pictures on movement.

From now on, I got no excuses. I promise to write more stories about my eating out and going out experiences.

>>> Sourcing:
For Americans: Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, Bohemian Brown at – price: $207.06 USD
For Canadians: Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS in Bohemian Brown at Future Shop – price: $279.99 CAD

  • Mandy
    June 26, 2008 at 15:54

    Thanks for this review! This is exactly what I look for in a camera also, and I never thought I’d find a cheap point & shoot that does it well! Pink is a plus! 🙂