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salmon en croute by laura calder :: french food at home

Since we must all eat more Omega-3, I was looking for a salmon dish when I started to watch the Puff Pastry episode of French Food at Home. I found my match with the stylish and delicious Salmon en Croute.

Puff Pastry Tips

You can make your own dough but it is quicker to go with store-bought puff pastry sheets. Puff Pastry is hard to make. I do not recommend it for novice. What is great about Puff Pastry is that it produces airy and multi-layer buttery dough. It is delicious. Very French.

If you never work with puff pastry, here are a few tips:

  • Work on a very cold marble top – put it on the freezer and get it out just before usage
  • Freeze the dough and work fast with cold hands. The dough is hard to handle once it started to warm
  • The egg-wash glaze will prevent the rising, so be careful when applying it. You can apply the egg-wash glaze with your hands on the side
  • Make sure to pre-heat the oven at a high temperature, typically 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Puff pastry requires a temperature shock to rise properly.

Salmon recipe

This Salmon en Croute dish is divine. Fresh asparagus and salmon make a wonderful combination. The four  main ingredients are asparagus, salmon, creme fraiche and pastry puff dough. Add some seasonings and you are done.

You can serve proudly when you are having guests for dinner. But since it is so easy and fast to prepare, why not reward your family on a week day?

  • rola hotton
    January 24, 2011 at 12:52

    I would like te recipe for puff pastry
    gound almond tart dont know o to spel