Rustic Decor Ideas from Starbucks 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea

Starbucks New Stealth Store

Many people, including couples who are getting married, opt for a rustic party theme. These are good reasons for that. It is style that is inviting, that feels warm and cozy.

You may have heard that Starbucks opened a new store concept, the 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea. Despite the design controversy, there are decor ideas that you can reclaim for your next rustic decor party. What caught my attention are in details. As you know, details are what transform an ordinary party into an extraordinary adventure.

The first item that I noticed is the old style teakettle. I think it is gorgeous. Setting an area outside for guest dogs to drink water is a nice touch when you are having a barbecue at the cottage or a long drive from home.

Mercantile Counter at Starbucks 15th Ave. Coffee and Tea

Another design idea that is worth recycling for a big party is the self-served counter. It has the charm of the general stores. Think how you could use that concept to serve food instead of setting a predictable buffet table. It is simple to reproduce the look. Visit flea markets to get your hands on vintage wood boxes. Secure them at an angle.

+ Via PSFK – they took the photos with a phone
+ Press Release of 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea

  • KimVallee
    July 31, 2009 at 18:19

    Despite the design controversy, I point out decor ideas you can reclaim for your rustic decor party http://bit.ly/bjxSP

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  • KimVallee
    July 31, 2009 at 18:29

    The good link to my rustic decor party inspired by Starbucks 15th Ave. Coffee & tea should have been http://bit.ly/NSuod

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  • Tori {Thoughtfully Simple}
    August 1, 2009 at 08:42

    I too find the rustic theme very inviting and cozy. I love pulling inspiration from everyday places– looks like this place has a lot to offer in that department. Thanks for sharing!