Russell+Hazel Wedding Organizer And Recipe Binder

Russell + Hazel wedding organizer and recipe binder

I started using a Russell+Hazel organizer when I was an event designer. Storing everything I needed in a single binder works like a charm. Every page looks and feels great.

How I used Russell+Hazel Binder in the Past

The binder collection is extensive. You personalize by putting inside accessories and page types.

I filled my mini binder with a few mini SmartDate business card holder pages, five pockets to store loose paper, brochures and invoices, the punched and perforated note pages for easy sharing or filing, the sketch pages and the to-do-list pages.

What Is Inside the Wedding Organizer?

Uniting the chic modern style of Russell+Hazel with the wisdom of wedding editor Anne Chertoff of From “I Will” to “I Do” produces a fantastic wedding organizer.

It will be easy to shop and meet suppliers if all your inspirations and wedding details are stored in a single book. After your wedding, the organizer makes a great memorabilia. A cool green feature that I read on Feelgood Style is the whiteboard feature inside of the binder cover so that quick notes or sketches can be made easily and wiped away when finished.

The People+Places Set is a chic Rolodex. Select the multicolor of the kelp version.

Recipe Binder by Russell+Hazel

The Recipe Binder is still on my wish list. For a bridal shower, have all the guests write their favorite recipe to the happy couple. You can bring them in a beautiful filing system like the Audrey Expanding Five-file Tote or Eight Tote.

Since food is a matter of taste, let the couple decide which recipes they want to put on their recipe binder. This way, the newlyweds can adjust the ingredients or the instructions to their personality.

+ Wedding Organizer by Russell+Hazel – price: $75 USD
+ People+Places Set by Russell+Hazel – price: $56 USD
+ Recipe Binder Set by Russel+Hazel – price:$60 USD
+ Audrey Expanding Five-file Tote – price:$58 USD
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