Rosler British Grocery Carts Are Now Available in North America

2-wheel Mountain Grocery Cart by rolser :: british grocery cart

I bought the Hook and Go Smart Cart a few weeks ago. It comes handy when I shop at the farmer’s market.

The Hook & Go works great but my quest for the perfect grocery cart is still on. This is why I am glad that the cute British grocery carts made by Rolser have found a North American distributor.

Better still for Canadians, the distributor is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have a Web site but you must call to place your order. Visit for more information. I do not know yet if I should try the 2-wheel Mountain Grocery Cart.

Features of all Rosler Grocery Carts

From the reviews I read so far, the 2 wheel model seems to work well going up and down the stairs. The Rosler Mountain cart gains a plus when I compared with my Hook and Go cart.

You can wash the weather-resistant, removable durable nylon bags. The Mountain model comes with an additional zippered pocket in the flap.

Rosler produces pretty cool patterns which make their bags a lot more attractive than the Hook & Go cart. This is an important concern for a stylish girl.

But I worry about the extra steps needed to avoid the crushing of the light produces. What do you think? If you own a similar grocery cart, how does it work for you?

foldable hook and go shopping trolley

My Experience with the Hook & Go

I am pleased that your produce cannot be squeezed by the weight of the other bags. I enjoyed my shopping experience.

I found 3 things that you must be aware but none is a showstopper. I can live with the fact that:

  1. You need to wrap the reusable bag handles a few times if you do not want your bags to touch the ground – on the other hand, this method secures your bags
  2. They are kind of wide; so you must be aware of that when you move around people or the aisles.
  3. Finally, I shop at Atwater Market in Montreal, a farmer’s market where the bakery and the meat shops are upstairs. I am afraid that the bags will bang on the stairs. So I store my purchases in the car before completing my grocery list upstairs, without the Hook & Go.

Which one, if any, do you prefer?

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Mountain and Saquet Grocery Cart at – price: $90 CAD
Americans: Hook and Go Smart Cart – price: $59.95 USD
Canadians: Hook and Go Shopping Trolley – price: $59.95 CAD
Via: City Wheels [Dwell blog]

  • Kori Hendrix
    September 8, 2010 at 10:45

    I lived in London the past 3 years and loved my Rosler cart! I did not own a car and used my cart to run all of my errands, grocery shopping, dry cleaning… I even brought home a microwave and a climbing tree for the cat with it! They are super strong, durable, and washable! I just wish I lived closer to the shops so I could use it now that I am back in Texas!