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Revisiting Clever Cupcakes

beach and cooking theme :: happy birthday box by cupcakes by clever cupcakes :: einstein cupcakes by blue cupcake

Each time I lay my eyes on the cupcake creations baked by Michelle Of Clever Cupcakes, I am in awe.

Michelle is so talented. I think that she is the best in Montreal. Over the last 14 months, she made a name for herself. Have a look at a few theme cupcakes realized by Clever Cupcakes this summer.

A lucky little boy received a giant beach theme birthday cupcake complete with edible waves, fish, surfboards, and sand. It is so cool!

Ordered for a chef’s birthday, the cupcakes were decorated with his favorite food and kitchen tools. A cupcake topped with a birthday cake concluded this hail to the chef.

For an additional $6 a dozen, you can order the Birthday Box which comes with coordinating candles, balloons and “Happy B-Day” spelled out on cupcakes. This is a great way to surprise a colleague or your loved ones at the office.

Blue Cupcake in Los Angeles

We will go from Montreal to Los Angeles. Julie Desmeules of Blue Cupcakes did the Einstein’s cupcakes for Michelle’s uncle who lived in LA. Look at the three Einstein’s different looks.

It is funny since I wanted to introduce the creations of Julie for a while. In fact, I did but it seems I forgot. Stay tuned for more.

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