Reviewing the Top 2010 Food Trends According to Chick Advisor

top food trends for 2010 according to chick advisor

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Kate Comeau revealed her 5 food trends for 2010 on Chick Advisor. I wish that she is right about the demise of soda, reduced sodium in packaged food and restaurant food (I already do not put a lot of salt on my home cooking) and more sustainable food harvesting not just with fish but for everything that we put on our plate. Go on Chick Advisor to read her 5 trends.

Our busy lifestyle often means that we depend more and more on outside sources for cooking when we entertain and when we work late. The biggest food trend that I see right now is help in preparing our home cooked meal. I noticed a sign at the fresh fish counter when I went to Pusateri’s last month. The sign said that they can make the fish marinade the way we like it while we continue shopping. Therefore, once you arrived home, you simply have to grill your fish. This beats ordering take-out.

+ photo: Chick Advisor

  • Joanna Biondolillo
    November 23, 2009 at 17:29


    Really interesting article on food trends. I have long cooked from scratch. I learned to cook growing up in a large Italian family. I rarely cook with salt and the fresh fish options we have now have just added to the many ways we cooked fish when I was a kid. I have found that the absence of chemicals in my food and home grown veggies has served me well. Great info. Thanks.

  • ChickAdvisor
    November 23, 2009 at 22:39

    Thanks for the shout out, Kim!

    Great tip about Pusateri’s! What a time saver if they can marinate it the way you like it while you shop. Marinating in advance makes such a difference in flavour!

  • Danika
    December 13, 2009 at 23:40

    I have been following blogs on food trends for next year, and, I must say, that of all the predictions and observations, I found yours to be the most apt. So really different from the other blogs and it also makes so much more sense.

    We live in NYC and we often eat at a small place called Graffiti in the East village. Jehangir Mehta, the chef at Graffiti tells us about the various ingredients he uses to bring out the amazing flavors in his dishes. That’s not all, he makes it all the more simple for anybody who wants to experiment cooking using different ingredients at home, by posting small videos like He also posts informative videos of places where these ingredients can be sourced and offers some information about their characteristics. This helps me when I experiment with flavors that I am not used to. I never thought that this would catch on as a usual practice! Your observations are really practical.