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reusable felt ornaments by pi\'lo

We have to admit that gift wrapping during the Holiday quickly filled the trash can. It makes sense to explore ways to be more ecologically conscious. And when the packages are as great as these, being eco-friendly feels like an indulgence.

The founder of Pi’lo is Heather Shaw, a Torontonian mother of 2 young boys. She hand makes functional items for the home. I like her minimalist, comfy style. Like Heather said on her site, her creations can be passed around like a family heirloom.

My Favorite Items from Pi’lo

Her reusable crackers are made with recycled pop bottles that are transformed to look and fill like felt. I interested by her concept since I decide to make my own crackers this year. Her eco felt cracker comes with a lining, ribbon closure and a tag that can be used as a place card or a gift tag. I would personalize the crackers by putting more festive ribbons and maybe adding a tiny gift ornament on one end.

reusable gift wrap :: crackers and felt bags by pi\'lo

Another good idea is to replace the standard paper gift bag with one of her felt bags. Intended for loots at at kids parties or baking bags, small gifts would fit nicely inside her felt bags. Add a few holiday decorative touches and voilà!

photo pocket ornament by pi\'lo on etsy

Some people exchange tree ornaments during the holiday. Her lovely photo pocket ornament would be appreciated. Insert a family photo and give then to grandparents, your best friends and close family members.

+ Reusable Crackers $10 USD
+ Felt Bag $12 USD
Photo Pocket Ornament $18 USD

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    Reusable Crackers and Gift Bags by Pi’lo | etsy watch | At Home …

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    November 23, 2009 at 12:50

    The Reusable Crackers are very Eco friendly. You Just done a very fine Art and Craft.I Enjoy Your Experience.