Restaurant La Montée is a Treat

la montee fish dishes

A few weeks ago, we were invited by a couple to eat at La Montée. I am delighted that L. & S. selected this restaurant because the food at La Montée is exquisite. The service is courteously friendly. The cuisine is North American. Their modern dishes are influenced by our French cooking background.

The menu at La Montée does not include the concept of appetizers and main courses. All the courses, except the dessert, are of the same size. The menu proposes a 4-course dinner and a 7-course tasting menu chosen by the chef. The 4-course option for $55 is plenty.

Basically, you take either 3 salty dishes and a dessert, 3 salty dishes and a cheese plate or 2 salty dishes, 1 cheese plate and a dessert. I recommend that you go for the wine pairing. The salty dishes provide a good mix of vegetable dishes, fish plates and meats.

The menu changes often so if you are interested by a dish, go for it. To show you how I like the place, I registered to their newsletter, a rare thing for me since I prefer RSS feeds. On top of being notice of upcoming events at the restaurant, the Chef sometimes shares his recipes.

la montee dessert plus a photo of jerome paradis and kim vallee

Our friends took a picture of my husband and I. For this occasion, I wore the dress I bought last January at The Drove in Los Angeles.

+ La Montéeget directions p (514) 289-9921
1424 Bishop Street, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3G 2E6

  • Line Atallah
    April 26, 2009 at 00:51

    Dear Kim,
    We had a memorable evening and so much fun! And those pictures are just a teaser the the memory cells of my taste buds! Thanks for posting.