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Renovating a Beachfront House under the Californian Sun

catwalk :: amazing outdoor spaces with a water fall from the guest room to the lap pool

An added bonus about traveling is that they make stories about places you visited more personal. I stayed one week in Santa Monica last January. I recalled Marina del Rey, which is southeast of Venice.

It is no secret that I dream of living in California. I am craving for their sunny weather and the modern architecture houses. Until I can afford my dream house, let’s look at this amazing house that this Japanese-American couple renovated.

converting a beach house  into a modern architecture house

This is a more conventional way to bring the socializing aspect to the kitchen. I would not call it a social kitchen but the design fits well into a modern family lifestyle.

One idea to steal is to build a guest room over the detached garage. A catwalk connects the guest room to the house. I am a huge fan of detached garages. The ultimate being when the garage is located at the back or on the side of a house.

Facts about this Renovation

First of all, they opted for the costlier renovation option to not lose all the advantages of their current location. It is a sound investment if you can afford it the extra time and money. Sadly for you, they were no pictures of the beach views on the New York Times’ article.

ipe-wood panels shut doors and windows

I admire the result. The ipe-wood slatted panels shut over doors and windows. It is a solution that is eco-friendly, cultural and dramatic. It’s eco-friendly because it limits the amount of sun that gets inside the house. The design makes reference to the Japanese heritage of the wife. Drama comes from the light and shadow effects inside the house.

+ Via The New York Times: Striped with Light article and Beachfront Face-lift Photo Gallery