Reinventing the Shopping Trolley

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While I visited the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market last March, I saw plenty of shoppers with a Hook & Go trolley. I took some pictures because I find them handy.

Needing More Than Reusable Shopping Bags

As many urban residents, I walk to do my grocery shopping. I shop European style, which means that I typically buy food for a day or two. When I find the time, I like to go to the farmer’s market on weekdays to buy fresh produces.

As many of you, I carry a couple of reusable shopping bags on my handbag. But the weight added up quickly. The weight bothers me more since my injury. Since then, I wish for a functional foldable shopping cart.

When I shop in the neighborhood or at the farmer’s market, I buy food for many stores. Having my own portable shopping cart will free up my hands.

Hook and Go Smart Cart

I dug up this morning the distributor of the model I saw at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. It is wonderful because the US retailer Hook and Go links to the international stores. Canadians, Europeans and British residents can buy this smart shopping cart online without having to deal with customs.

Canadians will be pleased to know that NeatOne sells on pair. I just placed my order. I will keep you posted on how fun and practical it is to shop with the Hook and Go.

Another Source for Reusable Shopping Bags

Following my post about My Top 4 Reusable Ultra Compact Shopping Bags, a reader suggests the Use It Again Sam bags. I check them out and they are cute and lightweight. Select from an array of 11 solid colors. Save by buying 3 for $19 or 5 for $30.

Americans: Hook and Go Smart Cart – price: $59.95 USD
Canadians: Hook and Go Shopping Trolley – price: $59.95 CAD
British citizens & Europeans: DeWeNe (Designs We Need) – price: £45 with free UK delivery
Buy online: Use It Again Sam shopping bags – price: $6.95 USD

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