Reinventing the Family House

courtyard house by stdio junction

More couples decide to stay in the city after they gave birth to kids. It is far from the norm but we begin to see more examples. In fact, two families amongst my friends opt for city life instead of moving to the suburb. They did not want to endure the long commuting to go to work.

Some parents go as far as redefining the concept of a family house. Canadian House and Home January 09 house of the month features one of this amazing home. The owners are the architects Christine Ho ping King and Peter Tan of Studio Junction. The couple lives their two pre-school children. They converted a warehouse in a back lane. They minimize the demolition of the building which results in an unusual design.

courtyard house plan designed by studio junction

Here are ideas to steal from Christine and Peter’s home design:

They incorporate a main courtyard and a second floor terrace that both serve as playrooms and art studio for the kids during the summer. The rest of the year, these spaces bring the outside in.

Christine and Peter place their home office next to the living quarter to be closer to the kids. A small studio the across the courtyard provides more privacy.

The storage is integrated into the walls to reduce the clutter and to create the illusion of space. In a home without a basement, every inch counts. They insert seamless drawers into the stairs. Integrated wall storage is what I wish for if we were designing a new house.

To fully appreciate the house design, watch the 2-minute video interview with the owners.

rooms fit for family living :: courtyard house by studio junction

In the same Canadian House and Home issue, top designers are predicting that houses will go back to more manageable, human scale. What do you think?

+ Courtyard House by Studio Junction – photography by Rob Fiocca

  • Renée
    January 7, 2009 at 11:38

    Très beau concept, comme quoi on peut parfaitement élever des enfants en ville et avoir une belle qualité de vie!
    Un autre concept dont j’ai beaucoup entendu parler: les maisons intergénérationnelles, dans lesquelles peuvent cohabiter plusieurs générations: chacun est chez soi, vit sa vie, tout en étant proche du reste de la famille…

  • Sandra Office Furniture
    October 2, 2009 at 03:02

    This is a lovely idea, I like how they have separated the home with the court yard not only does this bring the out doors indoors but they have created a safe place for their kids in a city, so that they are not playing in the street.