Rebirth of the Velvet

If it fits your budget, upscale fabrics really enhance a décor. I scoured amazing patterns from Europe.

velvet chair :: alhambra velvet by dedar

A fabric can redefine the look of any furniture. It become evident when you look at the gray velvet chair. The modernized velvet lost all granny reference.

harminia and broadway velvet by pierre frey paris

The stunning color palette of these stripes seduced me.

jane churchill autumn 2008 velvet collection

I may not enjoy everything from Jane Churchill but her Autumn 2008 velvet collection is outstanding. I imagine those in a boy nursery.

All three brands are available in Canada and in the United States. You only find the distributors on their Web site. I cannot direct you to a retailer listing. I suspect they are available through interior designers.

+ Alhambra by Dedar – 40? per meter – Web site only list the showrooms
+ Harmonia pattern by Pierre Frey – Spring 2007 collection – 148? per meter
+ Broadway pattern by Pierre Frey – January 2009 collection
+ Autumn 2008 velvet collection by Jane Churchill

  • julie
    April 30, 2009 at 16:23

    the website is actually my husband’s soon to be updated…..I have a question. I always enjoy the way designers tie in color, texture,etc to put a room together. I am trying to redo my room on a tight budget. I hope to get away with paint, some ready made drapes, and make some pillows for the couch and the bed. I have a rug I’d like to keep (not too sure if it’s too dark)because of cost….. The present room is too dark for me (walls are baby poop gold/brown. I’ve lived with it, but I NEED something lighter. Everything was dark (felt dark) heavy curtains, burgundy rug, gold couch, black armoir and chinese cabinet, korean coffee table (burgundyish). I have picked some lighter fabrics that I love, but am not sure about which ones to use, if I need something different because of the burgundy rug. I was thinking light on the walls, maybe cream or striped curtains…do they need to have the color of the pillows in them? I have a bit of burg in the fabrics I picked for the pillows, but don’t know if that’s enough… Would it be better if I emailed pics of the fabrics and the room? THANKS! Julie

  • Sandra Office Furniture
    October 2, 2009 at 02:40

    I just love the those cushions, with just that small amount of velvet, I have never been a great fan of velvet but in small amounts like these it really does look fantastic.

    Kim you site is so nice and you share some really awesome ideas, I am really enjoying it thanks.