Real Simple Backyard Party Ideas

summer backyard party ideas by real simple

Although most Americans treat the Memorial Day’s weekend as the start of summer, it technically happens on June 21st.  Use the longest day of the year as an excuse for hosting a party in your backyard or at the beach. I would start the party around 5 pm and plan for a late night finish.

I like the do-it-yourself square room that they created with 4 poles and white fabric. You can do it with bamboo or use a grouping of trees as the main structure. Lay down deep cushions and picnic throws on the grass. Or transform a flat wooden lounge chair into a day bed. The ÄPPLARÖ chaise lounge at IKEA is pecfect for that because this pool lounger lays absolutely flat and you can sit at both the ends. I owned it. It is a great buy for the prize.

Prepare in advance a few pitchers (one or many according to the number of guests) of white sangria, Berry Vodka Spritzers or a Ginger Ale, Mint and Gin drink. This way, you have you are all set for the entire party. You could freeze the fruits the night before. The frozen fruits would cool your drink longer. As a bonus, it reduces the amount of ice cubes you will need.

Put the food table and bar station under a pop-up canopy. It helps preserve the freshness of your food and drink from the sun and protects against a sudden rain fall. These days, you can find very affordable option. Having the mosquito netting is a good option for not serving food to insects.

+ Summer Solstice Party: photography by Rob Howard for Real Simple
+ Food stations: photography by Miki Duisterhof for Real Simple
+ ÄPPLARÖ chaise lounge $129 – Same price in Canada and the United States

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