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Reading Glasses at Costco

ready to wear reading glasses

Until two years ago, I prided myself for not needing corrective glasses. After months of resisting to the fact, I had to come to the conclusion that I needed reading glasses. Even then, I was so not used to carrying reading glasses that I often asked strangers to read me the labels at the grocery store. I finally bought a second pair to always carry one pair in my purse.

For people like me, buying ready-to-wear reading glasses remain the best options. You can’t justify the expenses of having several prescriptive glasses since ¬†presbyopia only stabilizes after 65 years old. I used to buy mine at the drugstores. I found these cute reading glasses at Costco Canada this morning. The Innovative Eyewear pack includes three pairs of lightweight, scratch-resistant reading glasses with a color coordinated neoprene case for each pair. All that for less than $18. You get the choose between 6 or 7 collections; some are for men and others for women. I selected the Fashion collection.

At that price, I didn’t let the fact that I could not try them in store stopped me from buying them. I asked two salesperson. Both confirmed me that if you are not satisfied, keep the packaging and Costco will refund them. So far, I am happy that I did. I will keep the packaging for a couple of days, just in case.