Preview of Living etc October 2009

tapas by Donna Hay on Living etc october 2009

Every month, you can get a glimpse at the next issue of Living etc. I say next issue because in Canada, or at least in Montreal, we are always one month behind. I spotted cool ideas for when you entertain.

smoked trout and garlic potato croquettes :: living etc october 2009

First, I look forward for the eye-catching tapas prepared by Donna Hay for the October 2009 edition. In case, you cannot wait, the recipe for the Smoked trout and garlic potato croquettes is available on the Flip through Living etc feature. Then, it is the turn of an idea to bring more style to your living room.

Interior designers on TV and magazines are not always right

Designers always try to hide the big flat TV. It always made me laugh when it is from a design show on TV. I saw many ways over the years but none was as striking as this modern wood panel. The effect is gorgeous but the TV is way to high.

Tv behind a panel :: living etc oct 2009

Gavin Sykes at Bang & Olufsen explained how to avoid two common mistakes when buying a TV. First, the rule is to measure the distance between where you will sit and where you wish to place the TV. Divide this distance by 4 and you will get the perfect TV size. Furthermore, avoid placing the TV over the fireplace, like you see here. The most comfortable height for a TV is when the center of the screen is slightly below eye level. The reason is that we all drop our head when we relax.

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  • Nicolette
    September 21, 2009 at 15:09

    The room still looks great though, but I agree. There is simply no point hiding a flat screen TV, especially one that’s perfectly mounted on the wall.