Preview of Living Etc December 2008 Issue

living etc december 2008

From what I have seen, the December issue is packed with Christmas decoration ideas for a stylish, modern home. Their Christmas issue is always a treat because they come up with fresh ideas.

Shopping guides for traditional and contemporary wreaths plus amazing baubles and star ornaments. Living etc likes to showcase super size accessories. This year, they found giant gold Christmas balls.

You do not need a mantel to hang Christmas socks for all the family. Learn to create a Christmas tree with Post-It leaves. This is a great option if you live in a small space. They also suggest punch of neon colors in several pages.

Living etc delivers modern British Christmas Glamour at its best. I will wait patiently for the arrival of the December 08 Living etc in a magazine stand near me.

+ Flip through the preview of December 08 Living etc – see the magazine for the photographer names – rights reserved pictures