Praize your Favorite Local Merchants on At Home with Kim Vallee

praized community on at home with kim vallee

In a quest to serve you better, I am glad to announce that you can praise your favorite local places and share them with the At Home with Kim Vallee community.

I am really thrilled to host a Praized community on my site. The team at Praized Media developed an amazing tool. Their tool fits so well within the current needs of women and shoppers.

The recommendations you find on are better than searching in the Yellow Pages or Goggle because you know that they come from people like you. You only see the praises from At home with Kim Vallee’s tribe.

Time Saver

I added the Places (Praize your Local Merchants) feature as a way to save you time. You will easily find the places that carry what you are looking or that provides the level of services you wish for. It is about ratings and reviews. You get a voice.

Help us discover the little gems in your neighborhood by contributing to the content of At Home with Kim Vallee. It is about peer recommendations and not simply my own. Naturally, you can see which places I like the most on my profile. Do you hesitate to share your profile link on your blog and other social networks.

Day-To-Day Scenarios

I will give you some answers on how can simplify your daily life? Amazingly, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

I love small designers and independent stores. But where can you find these niche products in your city? In my future posts, I will direct you to a list of retailers, not just one. With your contribution and the input from brands and merchants, the retailer list becomes dynamic.

When we travel, we want to know the best hotels, restaurants and bars. You can check to find which ones are preferred by women with similar taste and lifestyle than you.

I am sure you will find plenty of other uses for Therefore, I invite you to start sharing your best spots. Simply click on Places (the last item on the main pink background menu at the top of the page).

Calling for Help

I am looking for the Bento Boxes available at Plastica. Unfortunately, they do not ship to Canada. If any of you knows retailers that carry the bento box I am looking for product write down bento_box as a tag for the merchants. Even if it is not in Montreal, I want to know.

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