Playful Furniture and Child-Friendly Plate by James Van Vossel

playful furniture and child-friendly plate by james van vossel

James Van Vossel is a designer from Belgium who creates fun furniture and housewares. He designs both for adults and children. But I think that he shines the most with his kids collection. Here are three products from his 2008 collection.

Ergonomic playing and sitting ball

The three handles of the inflatable Z-ball are positioned to give a better position to the child. The side handles give more support so the child can sit more in front.

I imagine a child room or a playroom with a trio of Z-balls to reproduce a lounge feeling. The children can even play video games while sitting on the Z-ball.

Modular cubes

Connect is another take on a concept done several times on the past by other designers. What James Van Vossel’s design brings new to the table are the big elastics that hold the cubes together. It is so cute!

I do not know if it is the interior designer or the mathematician in me who speaks but I enjoy assembling cubes to fashion new shapes. You can use Connect to custom build a bookcase,  a dividing wall, or presentation case to display a collection.

If you build a dividing room bookcase, you can arrange the Connect cubes such that some cubes are accessible from one side and the rest from the other sides. This is one way to create an airier space.

Kid-Friendly Dinner Plate

The intention behind Boor Voor Een Kind was to create plates for kids that fit better with your own porcelain china. I cannot be more thrilled since I aim for better looking tabletops, with or without kids.

For the child viewpoint, the deep plate simplifies the eating process. Security features includes two handles and the acrylic glass construction. If they need to, the children can grab a handle when they are using the fork. As the child grows, he child can carry around the plate easily with the handles.

I did not find any retailer listing on his Web site or on Goggle. If you know any stores that carry any pieces designed by James Van Vossel, please share by writing a comment.

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Via: Milan 2008 Preview: James on Fresh Moco

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