Planning a Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day | Part 1

romantic dinner candleholders

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to relax with your lover. Some people opt for a getaway trip; others book a table at a nice restaurant.

Another way is to prepare a good meal together. This year, we are lucky that Valentine’s Day falls a Saturday, which give you time to cook a little during the day.

Creating a mood with candles and flowers

For an ideal evening, design your table with groupings of two. For diversity, use an even number of candles. Mixing two pairs of glass candleholders adds elegance. Another romantic option is a 4-arm or 6-arm candelabrum. You do not have to go traditional. The Umbra Chorus Candelabra designed by Karim Rashid would be as charming.

Flowers are important on Valentine’s Day. Order or do it yourself two centerpieces.

red amaryllis spiral bouquet by the Holland Flower Council

Learn how to do this spiral red Amaryllis bouquet from the Holland Flower Council. Add a modern twist by using a red acrylic cube as a vase.

If you are looking for more affordable, go for the Pushing Daisies centerpiece that I shown earlier. Even the orange and roses centerpieces that I saw at the IDS09 can be your inspiration.

For dinner, prepare a meal that delicious but that will not keep you all night in the kitchen. Why not cook the main dish and the first course together? Make in advance a playlist filled with romantic or lounge style music so you do not have to take care of the music all night.

+ Juliette Candleholders $19.95 – $29.95 USD
+ Anya Candleholders $24.95 – $34.95 USD
+ Umbra Chorus Candelabra $145 CAD
+ spiral red Amaryllis bouquet from the Holland Flower Council