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Pictures of Bottles plus an Astronaut at the Laundromat

If you need to find art pieces to ornate your house, Fine Art America proposes a vast selection at affordable prices. The styles and subjects are diverse.

pour me a rainbow by Holly Kempe

Holly Kempe captured Pour Me a Rainbow. You can buy it as a paper photo, on canvas. You can get it ready to hand on a stretched canvas or a frame.

organized storage bottles

An artistic feeling can also emerge from clever and neat storage. At her last party, my friend Renee of En Direct des Iles took these pictures of her storage bottles for me. Recycling old-fashioned bottles to store fresh beans, lentils and pasta is a smart idea. Renee did an excellent job at repurposing everyday items with style. This is green living at its best.

Renee is the woman who organized the adoption of Leeloo, our Mexican-born kitten.

at the laundromat with boba fett

Scott Listfield likes to paint astronaut and he is definitely a fan of Star Wars and other sfi-ci movies. Give his art to young men and science fiction fans. Scott paints astronauts in surreal down-to-earth situations. It is strange to see them in a Laundromat or next to a small modern pre-fab house.

astronaut paintings pod

+ Pour Me a Rainbow by Holly Kempe – photo starts at $22 USD, canvas starts at $29.40
+ food storage bottles: image by Renee for
+ Scott Listfield at Fine Art America – photos start at $22 USD
+ Via Art MoCo by MoCo Loco