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I just read the latest book by wedding style guru Maria McBride called Party Basics for New Nesters. The book aimed to be a guide for the first year of entertaining that will experience newlyweds.

The book captures a series of stylish decor, table settings, and menu options. Party Basics for New Nesters cover the yearly round of events from romantic parties for two, dinners for four, weekend feasts, family celebrations, and a wide range of holidays.

Featured posts

In line with the concept of helping newlyweds and young adults to raise the bar compared to their college day party days, I selected three wonderful posts that go back to the basics of entertaining.

NOTCOT for Target’s Club Wedd Catalog- 04.03.08

Target devised their latest catalogue for those prepping for their vows around the same ideas but for what you need around the house. I have to agree that the What you need in your kitchen drawer on page 74 covers the kitchen utensil essentials that anyone should have for cooking.

The followers of Daily Candy will recognize the illustrations style. Yes, Target hired Sujean Rim, the  signature illustrator behind Daily Candy to give personality to their wedding catalog. Sujean is right on the spot as usual.

La Tartine Gourmande for Hard Boiled Eggs – Les oeufs durs

I told you before Easter that hard boiled eggs are making a comeback. Like Beatrice’s father, my father used to eat hard boiled eggs as a snack. You can serve hard boiled eggs at a brunch or bring them at a picnic.

This time, Beatrice made these cute Dressed Up Marbled Eggs with oil marinated anchovies, chives, horseradish preserved in vinegar, fleur de sel and pepper.

For a brunch table, showcase a couple whole eggs with braided chives on your serving plate. Take some clues on how to do it by visiting La Tartine Gourmande. It is a sure way to impress your guests.

Rare Bird Finds for Etsy Saturday!

The Birdiebird Coffee Mug by dolamakes etsy seller displays colorful little birds on a wire. They remind me of lovebirds. For your first brunch, you will need cute mugs. Each mug is painted free-hand. With its various groupings and birdies rolling solo, no two mugs are exactly alike.

Buy online: Party Basics for New Nesters by Maria McBride – price: $26.37 at Amazon.com
Buy online: Birdiebird Coffee Mug by Dolamakes – price: $12 USD

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