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Petanque and Picnic in the City Park

picnic petanque party theme

G. from my network got a fabulous idea. He organizes weekly friendly pétanque games in the park. Everyone brings their own boules and food. He brings a portable BBQ.

Make Your Own Club

Sometimes entertaining can be as simple as planning and hosting an event around an hobby. Everyone can bring their own stuff. Still, the investigator receives the merits of organizing the event.

G. uses Facebook to inform us of the event and gather attendances. It is quick and easy to set up. We have an informal meeting but you can easily make a league and keep leader boards.

Obviously, you can devise a Provincial party theme for an annual picnic event. Most cities require a permit if you wish to host a picnic of 25 persons or more in a city park. Often the fees will guarantee you a spot with tables and a few BBQ. Ask if you are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

You can find across America Pétanque clubs with actual pétanque courts. But it is not a must to play; you can play on grass if you have to. It is better to play on a hard dirk surface. Remember that the boules must be able to roll. If you like the game, here are so clues on how to build your own pétanque court.

Food and Drink Menu

Go with south of France cuisine for a petanque and picnic party. You can let go the typical BBQ menu. Instead baguette sandwiches, nicoise salad, ratatouille and cheese platters.

The signature drink has to be pastis. Typically put 1 part of pastis to 2 parts of cold water. Put between 3 to 7 parts of water per part of pastis. Most people prefer 5 parts of water for 1 part of pastis, like suggested by Petanque America. Purists do not  put ice. If you do, add the ice at the end to preserve the flavour of the drink. Pastis is an anise-flavored liqueur. Ricard and Pernod are the most known brand. This drink is meant to be sipped slowly which is why it is perfect for the game of pétanque.

Learn the basic rules of pétanque here.

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