Perched tree cabins set the tone of a magical party decor

The Chateau Perched Tree Cabin at Domaines de Ormes

In our house, we need to transform the room to create a magical atmosphere for a party. But if you utilize a magical location you do not really need to add decorative items to plan the best party ever. One such place is a perched tree house.

An inspirational tree house in Brittany, France

The July-August 2007 issue of Maison Française published a nice article about an outstanding perched tree house in the Domaine des Ormes. Standing 10 meters from the ground, the Cedar tree house is impressible. The terrace is a perfect spot for a small party during the day.

I know that tree houses for adults are not common but if you search on the Web you can rent some.

If you want to build your own, it can be a fun group project at the cottage. Make sure to consult a tree expert to help you select the right tree and guide you with design requirements. When you built a cabin around a large tree, you should ensure that the tree will continue to grow and live well.

At the Domaine des Ormes, the Sequoias cabins are even more fun. Reachable by a mini adventure course: a ladder, 2 zip lines, a suspension bridge (Sequoia 2) or a net (Sequoia 1). Wow! You can organize a trail excursion first and finish it up with the adventure course. Then, you offer a nice cool drink to your guests on the terrace.

A few safety issues

luau portable lamp by Vessel

Always make sure that the structure can supported the number of guests you invite. And plan for more spaces per person to move around since it is a constricted area. A party does not need a huge guest list to be exciting. Having between 2 to 6 attendees is the norm for a perched tree house party.

If you wish to host a night party, I suggest you make the latest in wireless lighting. Candles in the wood are a huge fire hazard. If you use candles, put any candle in a fire resistant lantern.

The best option is to bring out several polar powered lights and rechargeable portable lamps. Check out the luau portable lamp by Vessel that can be hanged or rested on a table or the floor.

Be careful when you bring children up. Try to select a lower perched tree cabin if you invite kids. Some people are afraid of heights or not athletic (say if you have an adventure course) so tell your guests in advance about the location characteristics.

Often, you must bring stuff up by lifting them up with cords. Do not bring items that are too heavy and pack light if you stay over. Tree houses get almost no sun. So bring warmer clothes and mosquito repellent to be comfortable.

It can be a fun family getaway if your kids are old enough. This is an adventure that your kids will remember for a long time.

A new trend: Tree house hotel accommodation

The Chateau cabin, shown here, was built three years ago as a wedding gift to the sister of the owner of this French hotel complex. The intent was to create a magical refuge for the first wedding night of the couple. It did not take long for friends of the family to ask to stay in the tree cabin.

The tree house is built with the ancient wood craftsmanship techniques without nails or screws. The Chateau cabin for 2 persons covers 20 square meters. A nice terrace let you take a romantic breakfast, read peacefully and enjoy the view of the golf course and cricket pitch. You get up by a rope ladder.

The complimentary breakfast is delivered at the foot of the tree supporting your cabin. Ecological toilets are available in every cabin. The Domaine des Ormes has a total of 5 tree houses.

Located 25 minutes from Saint-Malo, the Domaine des Ormes is one of the biggest tourist attractions of France within 200 hectares of greenness and pleasantness. The Chateau cabin is 96 ? per night for 2 persons, breakfast included.

Learn more: Tree Houses on the Web site of Domaine des Ormes
Photos credits: En Bretagne, rêves perches published in Maison Francaise issue number 548 – photos by Marie-José Jarry et Jean-François Tripelon

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