Party decor ideas from the Zurich Google Office

playful meeting rooms at zurich google office

Today I presented an unusual source for party inspirations. An office.

Advertising companies and cool IT companies often provide fun working environment. They devise whimsical meeting rooms to stimulate the creativity of their team. It is also a place where the employees can relax between tasks.

The Google Office in Zurich looks pretty amazing. The cocoon forest is so cool. It is a child theme executed in a refined manner. Therefore, the room design is suitable for grown ups and kids.

A pattern is often enough to transform an object. For a more feminine design, the exterior of that cocoon exhibits a baroque floral motif in another space. A pinky red and black chandelier hangs over it. Lovely! Check out the Picasa Web album to see it.

When I saw the penguins, the igloos and the old ski gondolas, I immediately imagined an end of winter party at the cottage. Then, start building several canoe sofas for the barbecue party season. The canoe sofa should be a hit so everybody will want to be invited at your parties.

How to do it yourself?

If you have a milestone party coming up soon, go for a memorable party theme. Explore the possibility of hosting your party in enchanted scenery. It is required more time and money to organize a unique, remarkable party but the memories will last a lifetime.

Obviously, you will need props to reproduce something these theatrical decors at home but it is feasible. As you can see, you can salvage old equipments and give them a new purpose.

To pull it off, you will need to think outside the box, be a resourceful shopper, find a local place where you can rent many props and have a handy man at your service. Talk to a visual merchandiser, a display designer or décor designer in your area as they know the best places in town to find props. They know the tricks of the trade in make-belief. Therefore, hiring a display designer or décor designer will make a huge difference on the results. Price varies but they charge about the same price as an interior designer.

Creating a community feeling

Most employees at the Zurich Google office move to Switzerland to work there. So building a community and having activities in and out of the office are important to retain the workers. I noticed several playrooms and pretty amazing relaxing areas. Check their Picasa Web album for more inspirations.

I hope that looking at these fun rooms put a smile on your face. I am curious to know: What is the coolest thing about your work place?

+ Picasa Web album of the Zurich Google office
+ Via Zurich Office published on Interior Design Room

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