Pan-Baked Lemon-Almond Tart by Mark Bittman

pan-bakes lemon-almond tart by mark bittman photographed by evan sung for ny times

I told you yesterday that I plan to dress a dessert table à la Amy Atlas for my husband’s birthday. Consequently, I started a hunt for tasty and rapid-to-bake desserts that fit my color palette. Since I believe every menu needs an array of textures, I add the mix of textures to my requirements.

I will try this tart first but I think Mark Bittman made my life easier when he imagined a no nonsense frittata style lemon tart with almond. Mark described it as a rich and moist sweet tart. Since they is no crust, it is super easy to make. He sprinkled icing sugar (powdered sugar) and sliced almonds on top. Do not miss the video of the pan-baked lemon-almond tart recipe on the New York Times.

As a bonus, the recipe will be a good occasion to try the Martha Stewart birthday cake stencils I bought last year. You will know later if the lemon-almond tart made the cut for my husband’s birthday party.

+ Pan-Baked Lemon-Almond Tart recipe
+ photo by Evan Sung for New York Times