Orange Bolli Tableware by Elizabeth Vidal for Guzzini

guzzini bolli designed by elizabeth vidal

As you know orange is my favorite color. It is no surprise that these tableware by Guzzini caught my eye. The brilliant French designer Elizabeth Vidal speaks in these terms of Bolli

The objects of the Bolli line comes from thinking about the hands that hold them and the food
they contain.  Colored transparency, a common theme in Guzzini objects, highlight their delightful

For the picture, they used the tray of the rectangular cheese as a breakfast tray. All the pieces of the Bolli collection are available in green, orange, red, blue, yellow or the (boring) all-clear transparent. These items are particularly interesting:

  • Bread/pastry basket
  • Parmesan server/preserve jar/sugar glass bowl with teaspoon
  • Rectangular cheese dish set: tray, porcelain chopping board and cover

Efficient Salad Spinner : Fratelli Guzzini and Zyliss

guzzini salad spinner

I spot what seems to be a good salad spinner at Costco last weekend. It looks great. I am very selective when it comes to salad spinner. I own a Zyliss model dated from a few years ago; it works very well so I am not on the market to get a new salad spinner. If you put a finger between the handle the the cord of the Zyliss, they are almost no chance that it will break. I used my Zyliss salad spinner often and I am pretty tough with it. There is only a review on Amazon and the shopper was really pleased with the Fratelli Guzzini Salad Spinner. The cheapest price is at Costco; it was only $21.99 CAD.

I do not know if the Guzzini products are sold in the United States. One option, which is not the cheapest, is to shop at the Montreal-based retailer Cuisine Gourmet. They deliver in Canada, the United States and some European countries.

+ Bolli Parmesan/Preserve server with teaspoon $29.99 CAD at Cuisine Gourmet
+ Bolli Bread Basket $21.95 CAD
+ Art & Café Breakfast cup with saucer $49.99 CAD set of 2
Bolli Rectangular cheese dish set $49.99 CAD for 3 pieces