Nursery Prints and Artful Housewarming Gifts

Jaime Derringer art prints : hummingbird : rocky mountains : chandelier : tea time : jaimers on etsy

I received an email from Jaime Derringer, the blogger behind the always interesting Design Milk blog, announcing new prints on her etsy shop. Her latest prints are produced in limited print run of 25.

At $10 and $18 a piece or 2 prints for $30, her art is quite affordable. Frame a couple of Jaime Derringer’s art prints to decorate a room without breaking the bank. Her hummingbird series would fit very well in a nursery. Write her name down if you have a baby shower party coming soon.

How To Use Art Prints To Decorate Your Home?

I prefer organized wall groupings. You can never be wrong with the traditional long row and the square or rectangular matrix. For that reason, I go with identical size for all my frames.

Wall groupings call for identical or very similar colored frames. If you select ornate frames, the patterns do not have to match on all the frames as long as the color is the same. Thin frames work best for wall groupings. The room décor is more important that the art when selecting the color of your frames. But the art cannot be ignored especially when selecting the mat color. A double mat enhances a photograph or a print. And remember that a double mat always looks more stylish.

Since framing is an art by itself, I suggest you bring all your art and your wall paint sample to a framing expert for advice. The frames can make or break the overall look. If you wish to know more, Art Find published online useful framing tips and matting tips.

Art Prints As Housewarming Gifts

I was interviewed by a journalist this morning. It was about interior design tips when you are moving in a new house. This reminded me that art prints from young artists make a wonderful housewarming gift. The key is to respect the taste of your friends. So gather some clues about what their new house will look like, the colors, the style, and the mood they want to create in their new house before shopping for art prints. Check out the local art scene and the etsy shops to discover new talents.

Buy online: Hummingbird with Blue Circle Trees 5×7 Print – price: $10 USD
Buy online: Rocky Mountains ORIGINAL Drawing No. 2 by Jamie Derringer – price: $32 USD
Buy online: This Ain’t No Disco 8×10 Print at jaimers – price: $18 USD
Buy online: Its Tea Time Limited Edition 8×10 Print by Jamie Derringer – price: $18 USD
Buy online: Blue Green Birds on Chandelier 8×10 Print at jaimers etsy shop – price: $18 USD