Nominations are open for the 2008 Vogue Entertaining + Travel Produce Awards

Australian Vogue Entertaining + Travel Produce Awards 2008

If you are or know a deserving Australian food artisan producer do not be shy to fill out the nomination form. You can also nominate a chef who closely works with local organic farmers.

A proud supporter of the Slow Food movement, VE + T Produce Awards reward agricultural biodiversity and gastronomic traditions in Australia. The challenges of running a small family farm are great. These awards give a marketing boost to these dedicated food producers.

The closing date for nominations is February 15, 2008. The nomination form is available online. The awards are:

  1. Best New Product
  2. Most Consistent Product
  3. Primary Producer awards – 4 categories: Dairy, Paddock, Seafood and Earth
  4. The Regional Awards
  5. Maggie Beer Award for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Food
  6. Food Heritage Award
  7. Outstanding Provider/Supplier in Each State
  8. Outstanding use of regional produce by a chef in each state
  9. Judges’ Favorite Product
  10. Best Farmers’ Market

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