Ninutik: The Modern Side of Maple Syrup

ninutuk :: maple sugar and maple syrup in modern packaging

Canada is the premier producer of maple syrup. Although the number of producers is impressive, if there is a constant is the packaging. In fact, neither the producers or the distributors make an effort to distinguish their product through packaging.

The maple leaf is used as much as possible. Some have even developed complex bottle like a glass bottle in the shape of a maple leaf. Let’s face it. It lacks good design and elegance. This is where the founders of Studio Innova in Toronto come to play. Their intent with Ninutik is to present maple syrup through the lens of design, art and sugar-making.

The Collection in a Glimpse

They experiment with maple syrup to create new way to shape traditional maple syrup food like sweet maple sugar. They shaped the maple sugar as a perfect cube, lollipops, and round and square treat of the finest maple sugar.

After a meal, serve Marvel 35 as a mignardise with an espresso, tea, or cognac. The lollies of Bouquet 10 can be enjoyed alone, dipped in chocolate, or swirled in coffee or tea. For a special event, ask about the wood platter on which you plant the lollies.

Get an easy to use, refillable and recyclable vessel for serving the maple syrup with Squeeze 250. They add a cute black cap to the most popular bottle in Chef kitchens. The bottle holds 250 ml certified organic Canada No. 1 Light pure maple syrup.

ninutuk vitrum 100 :: maple sugar bowl

For a unique wedding gift or birthday gift, go with Vitrum 100. Artists Alissa Coe and Carly Waito hand crafted a limited-edition porcelain bowl. This gift set includes a square bowl, lid and spoon displayed in a pinstripe box. Once the 100g of Ninutik’s granulated maple sugar is finished, the bowl can be used as a refined sugar bowl. Or the happy couple can order a refill of pure granulated maple sugar online.

The online store of Ninutik ships in Canada and the United States. Stock a few since all Ninutik products make ideal gift for the hostess or any occasion.

+ Marvel 35 $16 for 8 treats: 4 round and 4 square
+ Squeeze 250 $15 CAD for
+ Bouquet 10 $16 CAD for 6 lollies
+ Vitrum 100 $100 CAD

  • Cindy
    June 12, 2009 at 12:58

    Love your posts. Particularly love the idea of Maple syrup made into such lovely items. Great for gifts. Thanks for the into.

  • Amy - Eat Drink Chic
    June 17, 2009 at 22:02

    Love the lollipops. What awesome presentation!