New Uses for Picture Rails

spools of thread stored on picture rail

Picture rails are way more versatile than its name would suggest. Let’s explore ways that you could use them. Beware that reading this post may trigger a desire to install picture rails in every room of your home.

In a Craft Room or Design Studio

One idea to steal from crafter, knitter and designer Brett Bara’s studio tour is her use of a picture frame ledge to hold spools of thread. I love the burst of colors and the practical application.

There is no better way to see and have access to all your craft paint bottles than by displaying them on picture ledges.

craft supply storage ideas
photo credits: Kristen Lubbe for Apartment Therapy House tour

In a Dressing Area or Walk-in Closet

A thumb up for originality is in order for this stylish picture rail shoe rack. I can’t imagine a fashionista who is not in awe with the prospect of having a closet room.

picture rail shoe rack
photo credits: DIY shelving project by Martha Stewart

In a Kid Bedroom

Moms often transform into toddler’s wall bookshelf. It could work as well in kitchen to store your cookbooks or as a shelf for your bedtime reading collection.

Another popular uses is to display toys, plush animals and small decorative items.

picture rail for toys
where to buy: Color 36w Picture Rail $89 at Room & Board

Popular Picture Ledges

For other options than the inexpensive RIBBA picture ledge, you could make it yourself. If you don<t mind paying more, look for the picture ledges by Gus* Modern, or shop at stores like Room & Board and West Elm.

gus modern picture rail
where to buy:  Gus* Modern – Picture Rail $127-$140 at 2Modern 

metal picture ledge
where to buy: Metal Picture Ledge $34-$49 at West Elm