New products by IKEA for 2008

New IKEA products - February 2008 press catalogue

A reader I. sent me an upcoming press document by IKEA announcing their latest collection for 2008. It is almost a scoop since the document is titled Press February 2008. The document was released earlier on the IKEAFANS Web site.

As I told you yesterday, red is strong. And you definitely get that feeling by reading this 68-page document.

I am presenting you the 5 items that were most interesting from a design point of view.

Double-duty purposes

Part of the innovative product includes an armchair that easily unfolds into an extra bed. The top left picture shows the ODDA bed with two pull-out storage containers. This is a practical idea for a small slumber party; so buy more than one. Then a hat and coat stand, storage space and a laundry basket combine in one unit; that is efficient!

Small and cute dishes

Designer Lovisa Wattman defined in this terms this cool tableware collection:

My idea with IKEA 365+ PLOCKA was to make a series suited for brunch and other times when you want to serve many small dishes. That’s why I decided to vary the shapes of the pieces, so you can combine them in different ways. For example, the niche in the plate can just as easily fit a bowl of café au lait as soya sauce to sushi. I hope the series will inspire you to create your own combinations.

With each pieces costing between $1.99 and $4.99, I will make sure to stock up a bunch of plates, eggcups and bowls for my Sunday breakfasts, friendly brunch events or simply when we eat a soup and a grilled cheese.

Refrigerated grocery drawer

My favorite thing after the IKEA 365+ PLOCKA dishes is the very cool NUTID kitchen drawer with its adjustable separators. This drawer puts your grocery items at an arm length. Unfortunately for most of my readers, the NUTID series would not be sold in the USA (and I guess neither in Canada). It was also a hit amongst the readers of IKEAFANS.

Stylish laundry room

The laundry room gets organically high-tech with more floor and wall drying rack options. Made of birch, the TVÄTTA series is on my shopping list because my 20-year wooden drying rack has seen better days. It has been a while since I am searching for a new one but I only find drying racks made of plastic. I prefer a wood rack.


Designed for school age children and pre-teens, the new series ODDA delivers versatile furnishings that fit into the daily activities of youngsters. That is a room where it feels natural that the red pops up. Easily reconfigure the room at any time of the day with the ODDA and MALM beds, tables and wardrobes.

To download: February 2008 IKEA Press document at IKEAFANS
Via: New IKEA Products for 2008! discussion at IKEAFANS