New Modern-Twist Placemats Designed by Matte Stephens and Rex Ray

matrix owl monster placemats by modern-twist

Kat Nouri of Modern-Twist sent me an email where she informed me of their exhibit with Rex Ray designs at SFMOMA.

I am thrilled. I think we should encourage companies that hired known artists to design their patterns. This way we get more exciting patterns on everyday items.

Matrix and Tangle by Rex Ray

Rex Ray is a fine art artist doing collages, paintings and design work,. Rex is also a celebrated graphic designer who worked extensively for the music industry. He designed book covers, more than 100 historic Bill Graham Presents rock and roll tour posters and music packaging.

Now, you can invite Rex Ray to your table with the two patterns he designed for Modern-Twist. Take your pick between Matrix and Tangle. Matrix is available in green or black. Tangle is in orange or copper.  I am showing you Matrix because I enjoy it more.

Owl and Monster by Matte Stephens

The art of Matte Stephens has a naive side in the execution that charms everyone. His Owl duo and the Monster character target children. This is a kid line that will enchant young at heart adults.

Kat kindly sent me a sample of the Owl and the Monster mats. I received them today and they look even better in person. My husband thought they were pretty cool. I got the feeling they will become our breakfast placemats.

Beauty and Function

I acquired six brown Birds ‘n Trees Placemats, 2 sets of writable coasters Notz and the Vinotagz stem markers, all from Modern-Twist last winter at Lekker. So I can vouch for their excellent quality.

The 14 by 16 inches dimension of the placemat is more practical than the standard placemat size. The glasses fit comfortably on the placemat. The silk-screened non-toxic silicone feels soft to the touch. It is very sensual. They are easy to store. You can fold them or roll them without leaving any marks.

With Mother’s Day in two weeks, your mom will be happy if you show up at the door with any of the Modern-Twist Placemats.

Buy online: Owl or Monster Placemat by Matte Stephens for Modern-Twist at Twig – price: $15 USD
Buy online: Matrix Placemat by Rex Ray at Modern Twist at Twig – price: $19 USD
Buy online: Tangle Placemat by Rex Ray at Modern Twist at Twig – price: $19 USD

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