My Top 3 inspirations from May 2008 Canadian House and Home Magazine

ciot marble :: through sink :: elte round dining table :: modern kitchen on Canadian House & Home  May 2008

The May 2008 of Canadian House & Home is the Green Issue. It is full of eco-friendly advices and products. What caught my eyes are 3 entertaining details.

Trough sink

The first one is an advertising picture by Ciot. The marble slat is gorgeous. It looks so modern.

I wish I have the space to install a through sink. Typically, you integrate the through sink in your preparation area. When you entertain friends, you use this long and narrow sink to chill bottles of wines, champagnes and beers. Check out the model by Kohler. This trough sink exterior dimensions are 60″ x 8-1/4″ with a basin depth of 5-15/16″.

Round Dining Table

The elegance of the classical round table is irrefutable. A round table of the right size promotes group conversation.

This upscale Elte dining table is a reproduction of the Georgian style. The table has a rosewood cross banding around blistered mahogany veneer over an insert base. The Plain saber legs with brass casters make it easy to move around when you serving a standing buffet party.

One special detail about this table is that the leaves attached to the outer edges to preserve the true circle shape when extended. All these special elements explain the high price tag.

Kitchen Design

I love the style of this kitchen. What special about it is the integration of bar elements. This kitchen was designed to not look as a kitchen but more like the eating bar of a restaurant. Yet, the kitchen works well when cooking. This is a wise decision if you want your kitchen to be a part of your living room.

A 16 feet island seems marvelous. Since my kitchen space is about 10 x 11 feet, it is out of the question for the moment. At least, I got the part where my guests can sit and chat with me while I am cooking.

A Digital Issue

In case you do not know, you can subscribe to a digital issue. I receive both the digital and the print versions. At my renewal, I am thinking of renewing the digital version only. It works very well and I can always access the digital version before the print version. The digital version costs $24.95 for 12 issues. A bargain for US and International subscribers.

Learn more: Kohler Through Sink K-3157 price: $1222.70 USD and up
Learn more: Dining Table by Elte – price: $7345
Photo credit of the dining room: Ted Yarwood – Canadian H&H May 2008 page 74
Photo credit of the kitchen: Martin Tesler – Canadian H&H May 2008 page 164

  • Emily
    April 11, 2008 at 19:54

    I agree, Kim! I thought this month’s spread was great; especially the dining room with the dark blue walls.