My Sunday Brunch at School Bakery & Cafe


I ate brunch at a neighborhood restaurant this morning. In fact, I never visited Liberty Village before. I lived for 5 years in Toronto a decade ago.

I do not recall where I heard praises about this 2 or 3-month old restaurant. When I read the concept, I was hooked. I had to visit School Bakery & Café. Starting February 21st, the brunch menu will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

How it Was

The restaurant was filled with nearby residents. Families, a groups of moms with their babies, a few dads with their little boys, many couples and small groups of friends. I saw many people taking home bakery boxes after their meal. As I tasted our maple syrup scone, I understand why. I shared it with my husband. We both agree the scones was delightful.


I ate the SBC Benni which is two poached eggs served on cheddar-chive biscuit with crispy bacon and spicy hollandaise. As you can see us, the recipes are not text book materials. It was good.

Design ideas To Steal

The designers did an amazing job. Every details have been thought. It is cute and do not look overdone. I felt like a little kid, examining all the details as I was taking my pictures. I had to refrain myself.


If you ever wish to create a party around school, use these as the building blocks for your party décor:

  • Bookcase with letters and the classic lunch boxes
  • An apple on a stainless steel coaster or tea plate as a centerpiece.
  • Salt and playtime salt and pepper set by Fred & Friends. I wish the hole where bigger but maybe with kids, it is preferable than way. The pepper and salt toy blocks create instantly a fun atmosphere. I felt in love with them, I want my own.
  • Cover the chair seat or make a table cloth with a chalkboard pattern fabric
  • Add humor in the décor. At School Bakery & Café, the kitchen is referred to as Detention.
  • The bill arrived in an Individual Progress envelop. Its double duty as a way for customers to leave their contact information or comments.

+ Fred’s Salt and playtime $7.50 USD for the set
+ School Bakery & Caféget directions p 416.588.0005
70 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6K 3E1

  • Michelle Sullivan
    February 9, 2009 at 08:43

    Beau concept – ils ont de l’imagination, ces Torontois 😉

  • Lisa Canning
    February 9, 2009 at 09:46

    I have been meaning to check this place out- now I must go. Thanks for the preview and hope you had a lovely visit to Toronto!

  • Sydney Plumber
    February 9, 2009 at 13:57

    Hey this is nice blog post….its a beautiful design……i love it, Thank you

  • Valerie Trimble
    January 25, 2010 at 12:48

    Thanks for the ideas and news. Very enjoyable site. I love your photos!
    Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day ideas..

  • Neil Fiddleton
    February 11, 2010 at 13:01

    Just paid over $10 for a cold, pre-made chicken sandwich. I was confused at first because all I got was a small, tightly packed wrapper – no sides, nothing extra. I thought i got the wrong order, but then realized fries or salad are an extra $5! I was late for an appointment and starving, so i took it and left without a fuss, but man did I feel like a chump once i started eating it. Might as well go to Hasty Market and get the same quality. No Joke. Complete garbage. Thanks School Resto+Bakery! Even the old jerk-owned-and-operated Warehouse Grill was a less insulting experience.

  • Cheryl Gushue
    December 8, 2012 at 16:46

    Hi Kim. I’m glad you enjoyed the decor. I did the design along with Brad. I had lots of fun with the concept. There’s so much you can do with it ! There was lots of vintage store shopping which I love to do and lots of online research to find some of those items. We took a trip to the Aberfoyle market for the old books and typewriter etc. Setting the clocks to 3:30 was Brad’s idea since he couldn’t wait for school to be finished for the day. The chalkboard fabric was screen printed and created by my friends from Play Dead. The book light sconces where made by my friend Jamie that used to own Koma in Parkdale. Brad’s food is my favorite. I hope you get to frequent School often !