My Packing and Recycling Weekend

jerome sorting old computer papers

Tomorrow is the big day. The movers will arrive at 9 am to move the furniture to the new office space.

As I am sorting my 10-year of office supplies (and some relics of the past), I am glad to see a major change in our behavior. At the start of the Web, we printed almost everything articles we like. But as new digital tools as emerged, we now archive what we like online with RSS reader (I used Google Reader), delicious (they are not del.ico.us anymore), evernote and other tools.

Go Digital

This fact brings we joy. After a rough start, the computer age reduced my consumption of paper. Our business goal is to go almost totally digital over a year. When I will do my change of address I will ask every supplier to send me a digital invoice. Some suppliers already do but I never ask my old suppliers. I will try to convince more customers to receive their invoices in PDF.

Everyone can do a little bit for the environment. Imagine offices where we can allocate our space to sitting, desk areas and decorative elements instead of filing cabinets. If we do so, we will be comfortable in smaller spaces. At the end, this leads to less consumption.

By the way if you are live in Montreal area, we have office and home furniture to give or to sell. They are in good conditions. I assemble a Facebook photo album where you can see what is still available. Everything has to go by November 29.