My new Friday’s night column: Small points on my notebook 2007.07.27

Skinny laMink teatowels :: housemartin echinacia cone bouquet :: oxo corn stripper :: Waste and want cutting board

Starting now, my Friday’s night post will be about the little things I bookmarked through the week on my notebook. Things that did not have make my editorial schedule. This way, we will start the week with fresh ideas.

Yesterday, I received an email from Heather at Skinny laMink to tell me about her new floral pattern tea towels called Summer Weeds on her etsy shop. Available in Burnt butter and smoke blue.

Oxo launched a new corn stripper. One innovation is a holder that also calculates individual portions of the corn kernels. This handheld device got the attention of Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen and NOTCOT.

Pam from Housemartin displayed more of her exquisite bouquets this week. One flower caught my attention so I asked Pam what variety it was. It happens to be an echinacia cone which is the center of the flower after the large pink daisy – like petals have fallen off. Wow! Something gorgeous and ecological at the same time.

An idea that sounds good on paper but that needs some refinements to satisfy me. Waste and Want is a chopping board that allows you to store your chopped vegetables on one side and the waste on the other. The trays are held in place by magnets to allow easy removal. Designed by Peter D’Alessandro, the problem is that the thing is too bulky and the railing is a nuisance when you cut food. Waste and Want board still manage to make it to Yanko Design, Core 77 and Josh Spear. I find it funny that Yanko Design and Josh Spear used the same title for their post: Waste not, Want not. A little bit of creativity, messieurs.

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