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My New Faves: Boon’s Snack Boxes and the Coolest Bottle Feeding Gears

boon snack boxes :: cargo and trunk

Being a stylish modern mom means that my son’s gears can’t be an eyesore and they must perform well. But more importantly, it teaches my son about good design.

Snack Boxes

I bet that your kids won’t complain about eating the healthy food inside these tidy snack boxes. Boon cutely named them Trunk (the elephant) and Cargo (the snail). Assuming that my son likes it as much as his Hippo backpack, he would proudly carry it around. The neat compartments and the snap-seal lid will keep food fresh while we travel. Plus, it is easy to clean everything in the dishwasher.

The Coolest Baby Bottle Warmer and Drying Rack Accessories

photo credits: Boon Orb Baby Bottle Warmer

Zack was formula-fed from the day he arrived home. The futuristic design of the Orb Baby Bottle Warmer has look and feel that I was looking for when we bought our bottle warmer almost 2 years ago. It would have look sharp against my mamaRoo and Fresco high chair.

For lack of a better option at the time, I settled for the Avent bottle warmer. The Orb would be my choice today. It delivers an awesome style with an integrated auto-off feature.

The Avent bottle warmer did the job once you accepted its useless indicator light. The light indicates that the water is heating up. The problem is that the light turns off once it reaches the right temperature but the warmer is still on. I stopped counting the number of times when we forgot to switch it off.

twig stem :: grass and lawn drying rack accessories
photo credits: Grass and Lawn Drying Rack Accessories by Boon

Although I washed the bottles in my dishwasher. The nipples and botton parts were not always dry. I bought the Grass drying rack to help me with that. Boon added to the charm of their Grass drying rack with two accessories: Twig and Stem. I feel that  with one Stem or Twig, I would have never been short of drying surface.