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must-have baby bottle accessories

Besides the bottles of your choice, these are my three must-have items if you are feeding your baby with a bottle. First, you need one or two bottle and nipple brushes. I seem to prefer the Munchkin Bottle and Nipple brush to the equivalent brush by Nuby but I can’t tell you why other than I got the Munchkin first.

I try to wash the bottle as soon as I finished feeding my son. I rinse it first in cold water, then I use the brush for a quick clean with soap and cold water. The bottles will be fully washed in the dishwasher in the sanitizer mode. You need the drying rack because plastic doesn’t dry well in a dishwasher. I bought the Boon Grass drying rack for its cool design and its two parts easy fit in my dishwasher. Since it is mostly to dry the nipples and the bottom parts of VentAire bottles, it provides me enough place. But if you are worried that it is not big enough, Boon made Lawn, a bigger version of Grass.

It took me a week to buy a bottle warmer. I did it for one key reason: time. The milk gets at the right temperature in more than half the time and you know exactly how long it will take. For that alone, it is worth every penny. I asked around and it seems that parents prefer the Avent bottle warmer. This is why we got this one.

The Baby Bottles

It simplifies my life as a parent to have enough baby bottles for one day of feeding, plus one bottle. I can wash the used bottles before going to bed. This is where the extra bottle comes handy. You keep one bottle ready to use for the night feeding or, if you are lucky like us, for the morning feeding. We bought two VentAire newborn gift sets.

I decided to try out the VentAire and it works fine with my son. I also bought 2 glass Medela bottles that we do not use them anymore. Glass bottles are simply too heavy. My son had problems with the Stage 1 nipples that came with the VentAire bottles. The Stage 2 nipples were too fast for him. After trials and errors, we discovered that the Medela slow nipple works the best for him. We were lucky that the Medela nipples fit the Ventaire bottles. Therefore, I bought several packs of Medela nipples to complete my set.

+ Grass Countertop Drying Rack by Boon $16.99 USD
Lawn Countertop Drying Rack by Boon $29.99 USD
+ Avent Express Food and Bottle Warmer $36.17 USD
+ Playtex BPA Free VentAire Standard Reusable Bottles Gift Set $26.99 USD

  • Jenn Lee
    May 19, 2011 at 01:53

    OMG … I didn’t even know about the Lawn! I need to pick that up immediately! I have the grass drying rack and I find that it’s really small for me.

    • Kim
      May 19, 2011 at 13:31

      Jenn: I am glad that I was able to help you. I hope you find a Lawn in stock soon.