My moment of self-promotion

BP guide :: blogger and podcaster

I advertise on the USA Today Blogger & Podcaster Guide to raise awareness about my blog. People can rate my blog. If you like what I do, I invite you to give me lots of stars.

My word of advice to fellow bloggers

If you are interested to advertise your blog in The Blogger & Podcaster Guide, know that their debut has been rough: their system crashed and they stopped the launch for several weeks. It is fair to say that technically, they underestimated the impacts of an aggressive marketing campaign targeting communities of bloggers and podcasters all at once. I feel that they still need improvements on the usability. But since I used to work as a UI designer, I am generally demanding about the interface ease of use.

I took advantage of a two-month free promotion at the very last minutes a while ago. I do not waste any money but I wonder if I will cancel my subscriptions. Since I do not think the free offer is still available, you may want to wait before subscribing your own blog. I still have to see any impacts on my traffic. That is why I am asking you to rate my blog. Maybe it would help.

Do you have any experience to share regarding The Blogger & Podcaster Guide?

Update: Someone just told me that in order to vote, you will need to register. If you are willing to do it, a DOUBLE thank you. The link to rate my blog is