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I Love the Divine McHale Chandeliers

chandeliers by michael mchale designs :: batch bakery in west village, new york

Glamour and enchanting are not the first two words that come to your minds if I tell you about a chandelier made of distressed pipe fittings and exquisite Swarovski crystals. But that is exactly what you feel looking at the handcrafted chandeliers by Michael McHale Designs.

Not a New Concept

I saw McHale Chandeliers one year ago but for some reasons forgot to talk about them. I do prefer McHale Chandeliers to the Cellula Chandelier introduced in 1996, even the colored versions. The more artistic arrangement of colored crystals makes McHale Chandeliers more fun and divine.

Each Piece is Unique

Besides the materials, what can stand these ones apart is the fact that no two are totally the same. Each piece is treated like a unique sculpture.

I read on This is Glamorous about the repurposed element. The brass pipes and fittings for the chandelier structure exhibit the marks of years since they are reclaimed from old building sites. They come mainly from sites in New York and buildings in Mississippi and Louisiana smashed by Hurricane Katrina.

If you get bored of the look, simply rearrange the crystals. Better yet, a second set of crystals in a different color palette and shapes comes with every chandelier. So you can have you winter look and your summer look for example.

You can save some money by ordering the Bohemian edition that uses Czech-made leaded crystals. The Swarovski Edition features 100% Swarovski Strass crystal, their finest grade.

Showcase in Batch Bakery

If you happen to wish for a sweet treat and you are in the West Village area, you must try the new bakery Batch by celebrity pastry chef Pichet Ong, the owner of P*ong.  By the same occasion, you will be able to admire 6 McHale chandeliers. I have been told that the cupcakes, puddings, cookies and macarons at Batch Bakery are excellent.

Batch Bakery
p 212.929.0250 – 150b West 10th Street, New York, United States, 10014

+ The Single-Bulb Chandelier – price: $695 Swarovski edition, $495 in Bohemian edition
+ Four-Bulb Asymmetrical Linear Chandelier – price: $2499 Swarovski edition, $1699 in Bohemian edition
+ The 13-Bulb Mini-Billiards Chandelier – price: $4890 Swarovski edition, $3399 in Bohemian edition

  • Chrissy
    September 25, 2008 at 17:16

    Another great post Kim… I LOOOOOVVVEEE these chandeliers – saw them at furniture market last spring in a showroom and thought of all the ways I could make one myself. Though it would never be this fabulous!!!