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My Husband’s Classic Video Games Cupcake Tower

classic video games cupcake towerLast Friday, we had friends over to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Jerome is a video game fan. I have to warm you; our concept is quite geeky. But I will explain the subtleties.

Putting Things in Context

Jerome started to play video games as a child when they were many arcades in Montreal. He once played a 7-hour game to make a World record at Xevious. It is probably the more value he will ever get from 25 cents. Playing video games is still one of his hobbies. He played Fable 2 on Xbox 360 as I wrote this post.

You will not be surprised that classic video games was the theme for his birthday cake. As I finished to assemble the cupcake tower in front of our captivated guests, I understand the extent of the cake power. Frankly, having an astonishing cake is worth every penny for the show.

The Design of our Cupcake Tower

I asked Michelle of Clever Cupcakes to do her magic. We ordered 3 dozens of cupcakes and a Companion Cube for the top. If we forget the fact that it is a perfect cube – the weight of the icing broke it – it is an impressive reproduction.

We wrote Jerome’s age in binary code. 0 means off; 1 means that it is on. We placed the candles on the 1s. The song Still Alive played as we lit the candles. Still Alive is the end song of the action/puzzle video game Portal; the game that features companion cubes.

We showcased Space Invaders (bottom row) and Robotron (3rd row) in their original pixel drawings. But we opted for the elegance of a later version of the game Frogger. Clever Cupcakes did a great job on the cake decorations.


Cake and Frosting Flavors

  • Space Invaders: vanilla cake with hot Mexican chocolate icing – The spicy kick of the icing is amazing
  • Robotron: Chocolate ginger cake with Green Tea frosting – A divine combination, I will order it again
  • Frogger: lemon cake with vanilla icing
  • Companion Cube: Chocolate chili with vanilla icing

The cupcake tower was a hit. Jerome was thrilled. He got a chance to explain the games to his friends. It was the best ever birthday cake he ever had. I wonder now what theme we will have next year.

+ Clever Cupcakes
+ see closeup images of the Space Invaders cupcakes on Flickr
+ see closeup images of the Frogger cupcakes on Flickr
+ Images by Kim Vallee, except for the top 2 pictures that were photographed by our friend Renee of En Direct des Iles for Kim – rights reserved

  • Michelle
    October 22, 2008 at 09:47

    Génial – un concept inspiré qui convient tout à fait à Jérôme. Bravo!

  • Rayna
    October 25, 2008 at 14:36

    When you first posted about Clever Cupcakes I decided that I wanted her to do our wedding cupcakes. After seeing this masterpiece there’s no question! 🙂

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