My Favorite Toys at Pottery Barn Kids

I continue my last-minute gift ideas with toys for young kids. These would be perfect for your own kids or to give a niece or nephew.

christmas gift ideas for kids

+ The Flower & Bird Cuckoo Clocks is a an adorable accessories for a bedroom. The German engineered mechanisms keep perfect time and feature a chirping yellow bird every hour with a volume control and an on/off switch for the bird. These clocks cost $129 each.

+ Wooden Vehicles are a favorite of mine because they can be used as toy or for display in a nursery. The Dumptruck and the Bulldozer are on sale at $59 each. The School Bus and the Crane cost $79 each.

+ This craft style textile dollhouse is easy to carry around. The front wall folds down so kids can decorate the inside. The set comes with a family with dog, a sofa, a bed and a bathtub. Puffy Dollhouse $69 USD

+ If you are wish to spend less, the cotton percale and corduroy Mouse House & Family is on sale at $24.99.

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